Mason And Lori Lens On Restorative Ideology was developed through my life experience, relationships, and my ordered steps. I am Erica Mason-Colvin. I am a proud Saginaw, Michigan native now residing in Pflugerville, TX. I have a large family and a huge network of framily. The loss of my sister friend Lori,inspired the name for my organization. We were planning this Social Justice work together before she was called from this body and earth on 11/17/17. I know she will always be with me in spirit. I will carry in her legacy of acceptance and grace through all of y endeavors. Restorative Circles played a large part in identifying and handling my grief. I would like to pay that experience forward. Who knows how it could benefit someone? The services offered by MALLORI are a result of personal experience and triumph.

You can always expect professionalism, acceptance, love, integrity, safety, peace, and service with gratitude from M.A.L.L.O.R.I. It is because of these values that M.A.L.L.O.R.I now exists. Pricing for services are determined on an individual basis. No budget is too small. I look forward to every opportunity that presents.

When considering Restorative I would ask you this:

Who builds community with you?

What is your truth and purpose?

When will you tell your story?

Where does your story begin?

Why is your story important?

How does your story come full circle?

Restoratively Speaking, Erica Mason-Colvin

MOBILE NOTARY, Founder of M.A.L.L.O.R.I.

"My voice is my vessel. I will always use it as a catalyst for equity."