M.A.L.L.O.R.I is an organization designed to model, practice, and continue the Social Movement of Restorative Justice.

The work is based on a system of beliefs and core values derived from North American Indigenous People and Afro-Centric principles.

We are committed to providing the best spirit, effort, and understanding of this philosophy in this way of being.

Training and collaboration efforts have included following agencies and pioneers of this work:

National Educators for Restorative Practice (NEDRP)

The Restorative Institute of Atlanta, LLC (RJIA)

Texas Educator Alternative Certification Hybrid (T.E.A.C.H.)

M.A.L.L.O.R.I. was developed as a means to build community and help identify and address harm in communities through an equitable lens.

Mason And Lori Lens On Restorative Ideology

MALLORI Services:

Restorative Justice Workshops

Practicum Facilitation, Community Building , Refresher, Introduction, Equity In Circles, Restorative Food For Thought

Court Diversion Courses

Victim offender, Theft, Compulsive Behavior, Reunification, Transition,

Cultural Literacy Workshops

Notary Public

Workplace Ethics , Onboarding, and Conflict Management



+1 512-300-9662

P.O. Box 1362 Pflugerville, Texas 78660

Erica Mason Colvin RJP

Founder of Mallori , Public Notary, Restorative Justice Practitioner, Corporate Trainer

"Using my voice as a vessel and catalyst for equity"




2021 recipient of the Yes 2 B.E.S.T. Youth Mental Health HERO Award from Central TX

African American Family Support Conference

First full-time district employee as a Restorative Practitioner in 2019 for Manor ISD

2018 Champion of Empathy Award

2014 Humanitarian of the Year Award

from Pflugerville ISD

Peer Led Circle Facilitation

Training and modeling for youth to facilitate circles and build community

Restorative Workshops

Restorative Food For Thought, Beyond Circles, Addressing Conflict, Restorative Refresher, Creating Equity Teams, Developing Restorative operations, Inclusion VS. Exclusion , Community Connection Series

Virtual Workshop Opportunities

Virtual Options: Intro to RJ, Refreshers, and Consultations, Court Diversion Classes, Team Connection Series, RJ Unpacked