Mason And Lori Lens On Restorative Ideology

Mason And Lori Lens On Restorative Idealogy

M.A.L.L.O.R.I is an organization designed to model, practice , and continue the Social Movement of Restorative Justice. The work is based on a system of beliefs and core values derived from North American Indigenous People. We are committed to providing the best spirit, effort , and understanding of this philosophy in all ways on all days.

Training and collaboration efforts have included following agencies and pioneers of this work.

Texas Educators for Restorative Practice (TEXRP)

National Educators for Restorative Practice (NEDRP)

The Restorative Institute of Atlanta, LLC (RJIA)

Texas Educator Alternative Certification Hybrid (T.E.A.C.H.)

Restorative and retreat with Kay Pranis

Coaching from Eric Butler- (RJOY) #Circles, Oakland, CA

Coaching from Kris Miner-Schneigert Circle Space

Mentors: "Circle Mamma" Denise Holiday and The RJIA Director Janice Jerome

M.A.L.L.O.R.I. was developed as a means to build community and help identify and repair harm for families.

"My voice is my vessel. I will always use it as a catalyst for equity." Erica Mason


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